May 19, 2024

Turkey eVisa holders are allowed to extend their visas for up to 90 days. To do so, they must apply for a visa extension at least 7 days before their current visa expires. The requirements for a Turkey eVisa extension are as follows: – A completed and signed visa extension application form- A passport-sized photo- The applicant’s passport- A copy of the applicant’s current visa- The extension fee

Turkey eVisa extension requirements

Turkey offers an eVisa extension for those who want to extend their stay in the country. The requirements for an extension are: Turkey eVisa

-The applicant must have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and 2 blank pages.

-The applicant must have a return ticket to their country of residence.

-The applicant must have proof of sufficient funds to support their stay in Turkey.

-The applicant must have proof of hotel reservations or other accommodation arrangements.

-The applicant must have a valid credit or debit card to pay the extension fee.

-The applicant must complete the online application form and submit it with all required supporting documents.

Once the application is submitted, the applicant will be required to pay the extension fee and wait for the decision of the Turkish authorities. If the extension is approved, the applicant will be issued a new eVisa with the new expiration date. If the extension is denied, the applicant will have to leave Turkey on the date their current eVisa expires. How to extend Turkey Visa

How to extend your Turkey eVisa

If your Turkey eVisa is about to expire and you want to extend it, there are a few things you need to know. First, you can only extend your eVisa if you entered Turkey with one. Second, you can only extend your eVisa once. And finally, you can only extend your eVisa for up to 90 days.

What to do if your Turkey eVisa expires

If your Turkey eVisa expires, there are a few things you can do. You can either try to extend your visa or apply for a new one. To extend your visa, you will need to contact the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. You will need to provide them with your passport, a copy of your expired visa, and a reason for why you need to extend your visa. If they approve your request, they will give you a new visa with a new expiration date. If you are applying for a new visa, you will need to follow the same application process as you did the first time. You will need to provide the Turkish embassy or consulate with your passport, a photo, and the required documents.

Tips for extending your Turkey eVisa

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, many people are finding themselves stuck in Turkey with an expired eVisa. If you’re one of them, don’t worry – you can extend your eVisa for up to 60 days. Here’s how:

1. Go to the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and click on the “e-Visa” tab.

2. Scroll down to the “e-Visa Extension” section and click on the “Apply Now” button.

3. Enter your eVisa number and personal information, then click on the “Continue” button.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen and make sure to upload all the required documents.

5. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Print out this confirmation and keep it with your passport – you will need to show it at the airport when you leave Turkey.

And that’s it! These simple steps will help you extend your Turkey eVisa and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country for a bit longer.

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